Chapter 4.5: Volume 1 Omake

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  1. You don’t have to make a new post for a v2 of an older chapter, but it would be nice if you at least tagged it as such and maybe mentioned it on the release announcement of the next new chapter.
    Currently, the only way to find out that chapters 5 and 6 have been silently edited is by looking at the upload timestamps in the mega folder.

    • Thanks for your suggestion!
      However, those are all minor changes and it may annoy other readers if we constantly ping/tag them in Discord about the changes.

      • I agree with you on getting pinged excessively being annoying but you misunderstood me. By “tagging” I did not mean notifying your readers on a messaging platform but including a version tag in the archive’s filename, e.g. “v2” for version 2 and so on. After fixing the images, you already have to repackage them and upload the archive so I think it is fair to say that adding two characters to the filename is not too much to ask.

        I assume that most downloads come from active readers of the series rather than newcomers, but only the latter will benefit from your fixes as the former have already read the earlier releases in their lesser form. Archivists/binge-readers will just be confused by archives with differing content but the same name and only if they even notice that the files have been silently updated in the first place.


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