No. 132: The Plan

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We are always looking for newbie/experienced Typesetters and Redrawers to help us out, especially ones who are able to work with us at 2pm JST (UTC+9) every Thursday.

We are also looking for new Translators to do new series, if you have any suggestion, please contact us and be our translators, we will scanlate that series together.

Thank you for reading this!


  1. Hey since I can’t find Japanese raws and my translator friend doesn’t know chinese, I was wondering, how come you chose the term “Tranny” when Shigaraki describes Magne on the first panel on page 9? Did they use an equivalent term in the raws?
    Don’t mean to sound like I’m accusing, just curious since even in Japan I imagine it could be quite controversial to throw a slur in a comic.


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