Chapter 40: White’s Laboratory

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We are looking for new Translators to do new series, if you have any suggestion that may interest us, please contact us and be our translators, we will scanlate that series together.

Thank you for reading this!


  1. Hey guys, hello !
    I’d discover the series with the anime being aired. That’s when I discovered the manga – which was even more enjoyable – at Helveticascans. So of course after their announcement of dropping Grand Blue, I was quite glad you’d accept the challenge to keep the series alive.
    Usually different teams mean different styles. That can mean sometimes issues for readers who aren’t from any english speaking country, according to the way translations are done.
    But then, you did a great job here.
    I guess you might hear it often, yet I really wanted to let you know : Thanks for taking the series over !


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