Hello! Thanks for reading this, it’s been awhile since we last did this. But this time it’s really important, and we’d love to get support from everyone.

Recruitment Drive

We’re listing down the positions that we’re looking to fill, and please keep in mind that applications for any positions not mentioned will be ignored.


We’re looking for translators that are comfortable in both English and Japanese for the following series:


At Fallen Angels, proofreaders mostly work as a translation-checker so knowing Japanese is important as well as English.


Redrawers’ job is to redraw the Japanese text that is overlayed on the artwork for any series in our queue. At the moment, most of our series are looking for dedicated redrawers! We are available to teach and assist people who have no experience in this position. Experienced redrawers can show their previous work to speed up the application process.


How to apply?

Please send us an e-mail at fascans090 (at) gmail.com or show up in our Discord and explain that you’re interested in applying for a position. We’ll take it from there. 🙂



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