We’re looking to pick up a series named Rokudenashi Blues, which has not been updated for a while. In order to do that, we’re looking for one TRANSLATOR and one PROOFREADER.

Here’s a short description from MangaUpdates:
“Maeda is a new student in the Teiken High School. He stutters when he’s nervous and he’s rather clumsy. He gets noted immediately because he hits a teacher during the entrance ceremony. Some clubs search to enlist him as they see in him a force they can use to get even with other clubs. But Maeda is a loner and has only one dream: becoming a boxing champion. His first objective is to beat the leader of the boxing club. “Rokudenashi” translates as “good for nothing”. The manga focuses more on gang warfare than boxing.”
Manga Updates page: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1134

This manga was scanlated up to Chapter 155 by the original group. Then later picked up by someone called “Delinquent Scans” and it’s probably still dead since they only did two chapters (156 and 157) for the following reasons (quoting them from their blog):
“Honestly, I’m not a fan of taking projects from other people but the only reason I did these 2 chapters is because that I just wanted to do Wajima’s speech as it’s one of my favourite parts in the series. Also, I don’t know if the other guy is still scanlating or not.”

So, we think it is safe to assume that they’ll not be doing it.
We’ve tried reaching them and the older group, but have received no replies so far. This is why we’ve come here to ask if there’s someone interested in working on this series. We have people working on all other positions, and only require one TRANSLATOR and one PROOFREADER that would like to work with us.

Before reaching us, please check out our requirements:
– Must be comfortable enough to translate from Japanese to English.

– Fluent in English

– Their native language is English (but if your command of the English language is awesome, even if you’re a non-native, do apply!)

– Have extensive knowledge of the English language and grammar.

– Basic Japanese knowledge (optional but would be very awesome!)

If you’re interested, please directly reach us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/QrSzdXT and if you have any other query, email us here: [email protected]


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