Hey everyone,

Firstly, thanks for spending the time to read this recruitment page.

We are looking for PROOFREADERS, both experienced and inexperienced are welcome.

So, what do proofreaders do?

Proofreaders check the quality of translations. They correct a translator’s mistakes (mis-translations, grammatical errors, etc).


  • Fluent in English and comfortable with Japanese, required JLPT N4 at minimum (Otherwise you cannot read the raws in Japanese and correct the translator’s errors).
  • Free from 3pm to 6pm JST (UTC+9) every Thursday (The entire 3 hours isn’t always necessary, but being on time for 3pm is a must).

That’s all! No experience required as long as you are capable in the two languages. Not sure if you have the skills? Apply anyway!

The main purpose of this recruitment is to find proofreaders for our weekly Weekly Shonen Jump series, specifically, “Haikyuu!” and “Shokugeki no Soma”.

If you are interested and willing, please consider joining us!



  1. You used the word “weekly” twice in the 2nd to last paragraph. Drop the one with capitalization.
    The quote under your avatar should read: “Nothing’s Impossible” (‘s).

    I would love to be your proofreader

    • Ah, Weekly Shonen Jump is the name of the magazine, it’s the duplicated.
      Btw, do you know Japanese and English to be proofreader?

  2. Hi! I would like be become a proofreader for Haikyuu!!. Please let me know what I have to do in order to be recruited. I am 100 percent fluent in English. As for Japanese, I honestly don’t know much, so I’m gonna have to rely more on the translator(s) for that job. I can recognize certain kanji, but that’s pretty much it. Please email me at [email protected], thank you!

    • Thanks for applying! However, we are not accepting proofreaders with no Japanese skill right now.
      If you’re still interested in the future, stay tuned for later recruitment.

  3. I’ve only gotten into translating pretty recently. Currently editing the translation for Mushoku Tensei Vol. 7 (second half). Sometimes I’ll go over parts of the raw with the main translator, but I’ll usually just be editing. I’m currently studying Japanese in Kyoto, easily falling under N4, and I’m more than proficient in English. I’d love a crack at My Hero, but I’m fine with helping wherever I’m needed.

    • Hello there,
      Thanks for your application!
      However, you are a bit late, due to the high number of applicants, we stopped receiving new applications for now.
      You can come back later when we have another round of recruitment.

    • Hello there,
      Thanks for your application!
      However, you are late, we got enough people for this recruitment round so we can’t accept more people for now.


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