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  1. Oh no, stopping scanlations of this?

    Thanks so much for all of your work but I think it might be 3+ years before they get to chapter 98 😛 Ah well, time to play the waiting game.

  2. It’s sad to know that the scanlations will be stopped since it’s the only way for English-speaking fans to read it, but it’s understandable. Thank you so much for translating this amazing series, and you can bet I’ll be supporting the official release, too! 😀 I wish you luck on all of your ongoing projects.

  3. Thanks a lot for this scanlation! I’ve been enamored with this manga since the end of the first chapter :). And you chose a fantastic time to end the scanlation, too; the ending of chapter 97 seems like a crucial moment in Ikuto’s development.

  4. I guess this is what it truly feels like, pure sadness from what is good. Its understandable but still, one of my favorite manga that I most probably won’t ever read again is really sad.

  5. If you could continue to translate it, I think alot of us will be very grateful 🙂 it’s one of the best manga I’ve read, and it will take quite awhile before the series gets properly translated and released. Here’s hoping you’ll continue it!

  6. Sir i am a big fan of the manga and read the whole manga twice but i got stuck on chapter 97 as i m a non japanese speaker Sir i m the reader from India here the only way to read the manga is to read online as no publication publish them in India and neither import them due to that i m not able to support the author the way we have to support him ….
    Sir did the translation of the manga going to happen in the future????

    • Please read the translation note in our last chapter. We dropped the series to support official releases long ago.


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