This is going to be quite quick since we’re currently in need of translators for two of our series. One isn’t picked up. And also looking for a bunch of cool experienced redrawers! 🙂


Group Name: Fallen Angels Scans (or known as FA)



Contact e-mail: fascans090 (at)

About Us

We have been a scanlation group since 2014 and are pretty well established in the community, with our team having both experienced and new members. You might know us for doing series like My Hero Academia, Jigokuraku, Baby Steps, Hinomaru Zumou, Fire Punch, Aharen-san wa Hakarenai and many other series!

Work Environment

We use Discord as our base of communication. We have a very active staff-only chat along with different channels focused on each position. Our server acts as both a private and public server where you can find our active public chat as well as various discussion and entertainment channels.

Our main file hosting service is Dropbox, we recommend that you install Dropbox application on your system for easy access and quick sync. We also use Google Drive for translators who prefer it, otherwise it’s strictly used for storage.

Recruitment Drive

We’re listing down the positions that we’re looking to fill, and please keep in mind that applications for any positions not mentioned will be ignored.


Translators who are well adept at accurately translating from Japanese to English.

  • Real Account
    We’re looking for someone who will be willing to work with us on a long-term basis. The series has already been licensed. Yes, we know that but we want to go faster since they’re slow with their releases. Perhaps we can catch up to it someday. Being a fan of the series is a huge plus.
  • 29 to JK
    A new series that we are working on together with CAT scans. We’re looking for a translator that would be able to work on at least one chapter a month. If you can do more than that, we’ll be more than happy about it–but that’s totally up to the individual translator.

Even though we’ve mentioned schedules that we’re expecting, in no way they’re meant to be followed perfectly. In FA, we prefer a steady pace without rushing or putting pressure on people, but we expect commitment and proper communication, so please keep that in mind (you don’t have to be active in the group chat, as long as you communicate the progress with us in any way you want).


Redrawers’ job is to redraw the Japanese text that is overlayed on the artwork for any series in our queue. At the moment, we’re only looking for EXPERIENCED redrawers that have already worked or still are working with other scanlation groups. We’re currently lacking time to teach anyone right now.

How to apply?

Please send us an e-mail at fascans090 (at) or show up in our Discord and explain that you’re interested in applying for a position. We’ll take it from there. 🙂


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