A message from our Hinomaru Sumo translator:

It’s finally happened! Hinomaru Sumo has been licensed! And not only that, but it’s simulpubbed with Japan and available to view from almost every region! This is something I and many others have been wishing for a long time now, so it feels almost surreal that it’s actually happened.

So with that, we’ll be dropping Hinomaru Sumo, meaning 221 was our final release. I’ve personally been working on the series for over 2.5 years now, and while it certainly hasn’t been smooth sailing the entire time, it’s been great fun and I’d like to thank everyone for reading this great series!

Support the official release at MangaPlus.

– Scruffy8642


  1. Thank you for your work on this manga !
    I’m looking for a way to read the chapters 222&223 because they are not available on mangaplus for me, is somebody know a solution ?

    • It means that the English chapters will be out at the same time as the official Japanese release. Hence “simul-publish” = “simultaneous publication.”

  2. Thanks for all the hardwork you have done this years! I really love this manga and your incredible translations was one of the reasons why i could read over and over again!

  3. Thank you FA Scans, I was really enjoying the journey here.
    I will continue to support the official release but in my personal opinion the translation here is still the best.
    It was a masterpiece.
    Thank you!

  4. Thank you for your amazing work all this years.

    But it’s will be really great to release at least chapter 222 and 223. They aren’t available on Mangaplus. Maybe they’ve been available few hours but many of us seem to have missed it since mangaplus has been launch few hours too. In that case we can’t even go read nextchapter in mangaplus.
    Please guys we’re in the middle of some really important fight. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    To bring things full circle 😉

    Thank you !

    (hope my english is okay, i’m not a native).


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