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It’s finally time for Fallen Angels to bid goodbye to this as yet incredible, engrossing and revolutionary series. We’ve all decided it’s time we made a clean break from scanlating the mainline series in favor of focusing on continuing to translate the side material that’s not already being translated elsewhere, such as SMASH, the volume extras, and the side guides and novels. (The existing work on the character guide will be migrated to a separate archive.)

It’s been a privilege and a joy to have played a part, however small, in the history of this series and its global fandom.

Now go follow the official release.

Use a VPN if you must. After all, don’t forget, whenever there’s a wall standing in your way:



  1. Thank you for initially picking up the series. The last page on which you would add notes such as the meaning of the heroes’ names and Japan’s comic hero history compared to American comic hero history were an awesome extra read

  2. thanks for doing this, I enjoyed all the extra reading while at work. Good luck with future ENDEAVORS, HA, couldnt help myself..

  3. damn that sucks. MS is so inconsistent with its releases tho. used to get Jump out on Wednesdays, then they move to Thursdays. now it’s on Fridays. friggin’ slackers.

    thanks for everything with hero academia FA.

    i remember reading chapters 1-120 here. good times.

  4. Thanks for everything, guys. I arguably preferred your version even over the official (translation-wise; I’ll still support the official release). I really enjoyed the omakes, most other scanlation groups don’t really stuff like. I’ll be looking forward to ’em! Thanks again for all your hard work!

  5. I would support the official release, but I live in the Caribbean, where it’s very hard to get a good comics or manga store

  6. Some months on, I still feel this a terrible shame. Your version took pains to ensure dialogue flowed naturally and sounded (where appropriate) as though teenagers might actually be speaking it. So many translations – official and otherwise – tunnel-vision on lexical equivalence, and in so doing, reduce dialogue and characters of immense charm to wooden, stilted, awkward versions of themselves. (There are a whole bunch of places in the official subtitles of the animated adaptation of MHA where I found the translation deeply guilty of this.) Your translation was a repudiation of that trend, and I cannot thank you enough for it. It means that I, who normally find the ‘Superman’ types intensely boring, quickly found All Might to be my favourite character – and with a worse translation, I do not believe this would be true. I understand why you’ve ceased the translation, but I believe the comic is the poorer for it.

  7. So manga like Haikyuu, BNHA won’t be translated anymore? 🙁 Well thanks anyway for all the translation! You guy are my go-to translation site/guys/thing. All the best!

  8. Hi! I heard you guys popularized the term “quirk.” I wish I got the chance to read your translation while it was still up, but thanks for all the hard work you’ve done.


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