Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Destroy All Humankind. They Can’t Be Regenerated. 34-2

Chapter 34-2: Our “Black and White” Read Online Download

Radiation House 75

Scan 75: The Blood of Rebirth (1) Read Online Download

Radiation House 74

Radiation House 73

Fallen Angels has fallen and we can’t get up, but maybe you can help...

Hello there! Thanks for reading this, it's been a while since our last recruitment drive, here we go again. About Us We have been a scanlation...

helvetica DROPPED!

Hello, everyone. After some discussions, we have decided to drop helvetica from chapter 13 onwards. We don't see the future where we can finish this...

Fallen Angels Looking for Competent Angels

This is going to be quite quick since we're currently in need of translators for two of our series. One isn't picked up. And...

Farewell (My Hero Academia)

Thanks for following us, everyone. It’s finally time for Fallen Angels to bid goodbye to this as yet incredible, engrossing and revolutionary series. We’ve all...

Recruiting Translator and Proofreader for Rokudenashi Blues

We're looking to pick up a series named Rokudenashi Blues, which has not been updated for a while. In order to do that, we're...

Basic Redrawing Tutorials – Part 2: Dealing with Lines/Speed Lines

Hello, nice to meet you again! In this part, I will guide you through one of the most encountered problems: REDRAWING LINES. There are many suitable...

Basic Redrawing Tutorials – Part 1: Using Clone Stamp Tool Effectively

Hello, guys and gals! Finally, I can get myself to make this tutorial after a long delay because I was too busy or sometimes, lazy...

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