Saturday, March 23, 2019

We Are Yokai 50

Chapter 50: Grandeur Credit goes to mostly (translation) and TheShittyWiz (editing) Thanks to the artist for giving us permission to do the English version. You can see...

Runway de Waratte 71-74

71st Outfit: Ray of Light Read Online Download Recruitment We're currently looking for REDRAWERS who have prior experience. Please send us an email at fascans090 (at) Thank you...

We Are Yokai 49

Runway de Waratte 70

We Are Yokai 48

Runway de Waratte 69

Hinomaru Zumou YOLOOOOOO

A message from our Hinomaru Sumo translator: It’s finally happened! Hinomaru Sumo has been licensed! And not only that, but it’s simulpubbed with Japan and...


Hey everyone, as act-age is finally getting an official release (yay!) and the newest chapters will be free to read (double yay!), it’s time...

We are recruiting!

Hi there! Thanks for reading this, it's been a while since our last recruitment drive! Information: Group Name: Fallen Angels Scans (also known as FA) Site: Discord: Contact Email: fascans090 (at)...

Jigokuraku DROPPED!

Hi! We here at Fallen Angels are pleased to report that this great series is being picked up by Viz at, so if...

helvetica DROPPED!

Hello, everyone. After some discussions, we have decided to drop helvetica from chapter 13 onwards. We don't see the future where we can finish this...

Fallen Angels Looking for Competent Angels

This is going to be quite quick since we're currently in need of translators for two of our series. One isn't picked up. And...

Recruiting Translator, Proofreader and Redrawer!

Hello! Thanks for reading this, it's been awhile since we last did this. But this time it's really important, and we'd love to get...

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